Field Service Management


Officium fsm

  • Officium refers to Service and FSM Stands for Field Service Management.
  • Officium FSM is a Web Based software which can be accessed from anywhere/anytime across the world with valid login credentials.
  • Officium FSM is a combined mixture of output from on-field experts with practical experiences and technology experts with adequate researches on the subject.
  • Officium FSM is Customizable and easy to adapt for any service based industry.
  • Officium FSM has been accredited and used by dealers of Blue star air conditioners.
  • Our Officium FSM helps you to attain Maximum Profit with Minimum Investments.
  • Officium FSM is Our Custom Build Software Specially designed for Service Industries.


Benefits of OFFICIUM-FSM

  • Helps you to Proceed your business towards profitability.
  • Maintains your customers and relations without leakage
  • Smoothens the Process of Service calls - Accepts Service Calls, assigns to technicians, tracks, resolves and closes calls
  • SMS features and auto email notifications.
  • Stock Management System(Maintains equipment, spares and inventories)
  • Dedicated Module for Cylinder Management.
  • Schedules and maintains contracts [Proposals and maintenance of AMC and PMC with automatic triggers on Expiry].
  • Ascertains profit/loss of your company through our reporting modules.
  • Business Intelligence reports and MIS reports for Managers and administration.
  • Monitoring employees and track their performance with their daily activities.

Key Features of Officium


Officium helps maintain a complete list of items and monitors purchase orders and stock bought. Shortages can be predicted in advance to procure goods. Real time information leads helps make informed decisions and profitable selling strategies across departments. It helps in the smooth execution of accounting activities because updating and retrieving information is easy. Customer facing departments can talk confidently to customers because of the distributed availability of inventory information. False promises are prevented and your company becomes reputed for reliability

Customer Call Center Support

Responding to customer calls accurately and on time creates long lasting customer relationships. Officium provides for easy access to updated details of all purchases, cases, requirements, responses, discounts, offers and other relevant details. An intuitive user interface makes reading information easy and makes handling customer calls a breeze.

Service Requests and Incident Notification

Quick response to service requests and incident cases ensures satisfied customers. However, you need to have strategic tools and proactive solutions to make this happen. Officium provides for a detailed capture of service request details, including information about the fault, equipment particulars, severity, technician assigned and case history. The work done progress can be updated and alerts/notifications can be sent to the concerned. Escalations are avoided; personnel are relieved from the burden of making numerous calls to collect information. Reports can be generated for specific categories to figure out repeated problems and pattern of failures.

Request for Proposals/Information [RFP/RFI] and Contract Management

Increased speed in business is vital to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Potential opportunities have to be notified in time. Officium can be used to organize, maintain, sort contracts and trigger reminders about contracts that are about to expire. Contract information can be updated simultaneously. In addition to this, a detailed history of each contract is maintained. Decision makers can also view information about vendors and appropriate RFP/RFI documents can be created. Customizable options take care of vendor evaluation and helps arrive at a preferred list of vendors


Reporting can become a mundane and time consuming task that cannot be avoided. However, crisp, informative and sometimes, ad-hoc reports are necessary to comprehend progress in quantifiable terms. Officium's fully customizable reporting engine helps you to churn charts and draw impressive visual representations. Reports can be obtained for different levels of the hierarchy based on their need to know. 2D/3D charts can also be generated. Key leaders can generate reports at a high-level containing snapshot of real time information. Officium allows for entirely customizing the reporting functions to suit your organization's unique needs

Automated Response - Email and SMS

Quick and apt responses to customer queries are the core of a good email communication. Officium makes this easy by sorting mails based on categories and providing customizable templates to reply to mails more efficiently. Moreover, all of this is done in real time. Using Officium, you can create a system to respond to customer queries through SMS. An auto populated message template is used to respond to queries by merging search results from different modules. The incoming message is parsed and searched for codes, based on the codes and parsed values, appropriate responses are sent. It provides for a great customer experience as it makes way for real time status updates on demand from the customer.

Approvals and Process Workflow

Every organization has a carefully designed business and process workflow that needs to followed rightly to ensure perfection and quality. However, implementation of the workflow becomes difficult when the organization lacks a central system to monitor, automate and make things run faster. Officium makes following the process workflow simple and efficient. It provides for many tools to create customized workflows. Rules and view restrictions can also be included seamlessly. Officium ensures that every department is strictly adhering to company policies and systems practice.

Online Do-It-Yourself

Officium helps provide a portal to help customers directly communicate with the system and check on the status of their service calls. Customers can also update contact information. The availability of this 24x7 facility ensures that updated information is available for the client and the organization.

Knowledge Transfer and Training

An organization that has a continuous learning culture will prove to have an unbeatable place in the market. Officium helps to intelligently organize Research papers, whitepapers, case studies, and other technical documentation while simultaneously maintaining their versions. Training videos and webinars can be hosted as well. Each department can maintain their own space for documenting, so that they can be modified and updated as required. Access restrictions and alerts when new versions come up are also available. In short, it makes for absolutely easy and efficient knowledge management of the organization.